Photo by Libby Geboy

Photo by Libby Geboy

By Libby Geboy

A funky combination of simply eggs and banana yields a delicious pancake-like breakfast. There are endless possibilities for what you can do with banan-cakes; all sorts of add-ins to make this recipe totally customizable for your palate and breakfast desires.

NOTE: Don’t rush your banan-cakes! Cooking them over high heat will burn the bottoms before they can be flipped.

2 eggs
1 banana (ripe, but not necessarily brown)
Butter/cooking spray

Almond slivers (or other nuts)
Chocolate chips
Oats (instant works best, texturally)
Syrup and/or honey

Mash the banana, combine with the eggs and mix until fully incorporated. Mix in the oats, if using.

Over medium-low heat, add to your pan a small knob of butter (if you’re using a non-stick pan, butter is optional but advised). When melted, pour in about a third of the batter. Sprinkle on the nuts or chocolate chips.

Using a spatula, lift the edge of your banan-cake to see if it:

  1. is ready to flip
  2. is golden brown.

**Flipping may take a couple attempts** as banan-cakes can be a bit fussy because they don’t have all the ingredients that usually hold pancakes together.

When the second side is finished, remove from the pan to a plate and repeat making banan-cakes with remaining batter.

I find that two eggs and one banana makes about three 5-inch pancakes. Top with fruit and syrup/honey. Enjoy!


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