Photo by Molly O'Brien

Photo by Molly O’Brien

Article by Molly O’Brien

Bassett Street Brunch Club features an exciting atmosphere and fresh donuts that make it the perfect place to start off your day. Located on the corner of Bassett and Johnson, the menu features appetizers and sandwiches, but the main focus is, obviously, the breakfast food. From breakfast nachos to bananas foster French toast, there’s plenty to choose from.

With bright colors and quirky pictures of robots and donuts hanging on the wall, the space is totally fun. All the employees wear black t-shirts, which make the decorations pop, even more. There is a bar, as well as booths, and in the warm months, a patio. The staff was attentive and friendly, always sharing their preferences and accommodating to customers. They never seem to be short-staffed, even in the busy brunch hours.

In the mood for something fresh, I opted for the “Farmer’s Hash.” This dish came with eggs, sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, parsnips and onions. Two pieces of toast framed the plate, accompanied by a house made strawberry jam that the waiter highly recommended. The presentation had me ready to dig in.

The first bite tasted average. The eggs, which were very greasy, and potatoes were both perfectly cooked, but the dish lacked spices and flavoring overall. After adding some salt and pepper, I tried again. The Brussels sprouts had a hard, leafy texture to offset the soft potatoes, but still, the flavors I was expecting did not really pop. Other than a hint of Rosemary, it was a bland meal. The sourdough toast with jelly turned out to be the best part.

On top of this, the restaurant played “Out of the Woods” by Taylor Swift a total of three times during my visit. Twice in a row. This was most likely an accident, but it did become slightly annoying.

Despite my disappointing experience, I completely understand why the Brunch Club is always loaded with customers. For one, the donuts. These are made fresh in-house every morning. The case always features glazed, sprinkled, chocolate hazelnut and maple bacon flavors, as well as featured flavors like Oreo, crème Brûlée and more. At only $1.50, these are a sweet treat sure to satisfy someone’s taste buds and tummy.

Additionally, the Brunch Club has a full bar with awesome happy hour deals. Happy hour happens not once, but twice, in a day. The early hour, 8-10 a.m. features half-price mimosas. Then, from 3-6, there are drinks ranging from $3-$5 and $5 select appetizers.

The drink menu is extensive, featuring breakfast basics like mimosas and more interesting drinks such as a smoothie with yogurt liqueur. With happy hour every day of the week, the Brunch Club creates an awesome spot to kick back after a hard day.

Although my meal wasn’t the best, Bassett Street Brunch Club offers a fun, unique environment for friends and family alike to hang out. With donuts and drinks, it’s hard to stay disappointed.

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