Photos by Molly O'Brien

Photos by Molly O’Brien

By Molly O’Brien

Insomnia Cookies has found a home on countless college campuses from the East Coast to the Midwest. So, it’s no surprise their newest installment recently popped up on State Street. With their sweet treats and late night hours, the new Insomnia is bound to be a hit.

This is the second time Insomnia has made an appearance at UW, the first time closing due to illegal activity in 2009. According to an article from The Badger Herald, Insomnia had a food truck on Library Mall that did not comply with city size restrictions and some employees also reported never being paid.

Luckily, the new Insomnia seems to be on the right track. Walking into the small bakery, the smell of sugar is overwhelming. There isn’t much to it: a counter to place your order and a short bar with four stools looking out onto State. Of course, there doesn’t need to be much, as Insomnia is known for their delivery, which comes hot to your door at late hours of the night.

At the register, there’s one of each of their twelve different cookies on display. The rest appear to be stored in a low-heat oven, with even more baking in the back. Meaning, when they are served, the cookies come out toasty.

Served in a cardboard pizza-like box, the “Deluxe Cookiewich,” two large cookies with ice cream smashed between, came out slightly melted. I ordered mine with a triple chocolate chunk cookie on one side and chocolate peanut butter cup on the other, held together by scoops of vanilla and chocolate ice cream. The taste makes up for the lack of visual appeal. Mmm, the taste.

Unlike a traditional ice cream sandwich, this was not to be eaten with your hands. The triple chocolate chunk cookie dripped milk chocolate from my spoon as I dipped it into the vanilla ice cream. The tastes melted into one another.  It was a quick, college-style take on an old favorite. With crisp outer edges and a soft middle, the cookie truly was baked to perfection.DSCF1546

The chocolate peanut butter cup cookie making up the other half of the Cookiewich was also far from disappointment. This cookie, topped with gigantic chunks of Reese’s, was recommended to me by an employee. It had a strong peanut butter taste that would probably dry out a person’s mouth if not warm. This matched perfectly with the chocolate ice cream.

Although it complimented the warm cookies well, the ice cream was not what I, a Wisconsin-dairy-loving girl, would eat by choice. It could best be described as heavy on the ice, light on the cream.

Perhaps the most enticing thing about Insomnia is their late night delivery. Bringing cookies to students, every night of the week until 3 a.m., is a surefire path to success. The cookies, with clever names such as “Major Rager” and “B.M.O.C.,” come in packs ranging from six to 24. These can also be prepared as a cookie cake with frosting and served with ice cream. And I repeat: the cookies still come hot and fresh.

Overall, Insomnia was devilishly tasty. It took until my stomach felt stiff and heart was racing on a sugar rush to put the spoon away. I would definitely eat this again, although I doubt my doctor would recommend.

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