Kakilima: Authentic Indonesian Food

What I ordered: Nasi Goreng, authentically seasoned fried rice with chicken, vegetables, egg, acar and krupuk

Price: $7.50


Along with this rice and shredded chicken dish comes krupuk, deep-fried, bowl-shaped crackers and a light, cucumber, carrot salad. I quickly discovered I could use the krupuk to scoop up rice and chicken, creating a sort of Indonesian nachos. The rice was packed with flavor from a variety of spices and was mixed with acar, sprouts, mushrooms and other unidentified veggies, in addition to the shredded chicken. I added a dash of the sweet and sour sauce and the spicy, red sauce for a full flavor experience.

What I liked: The rice, chicken and veggies had the perfect texture combination including crispness from the sprouts and a crunch factor from the veggies. After scooping it with the krupuk, I found true textural harmony. The cucumber carrot salad was simple and marinated perfectly as to make it not overly acidic. This dish was a hefty portion packed with a variety of flavors and textures, making it a must-try.


What I did not like: Although the krupuk was a great paring with the rice, be sure to eat it first, because it quickly gets soggy. In addition, the cucumber, carrot salad is tasty, but I found there were too many carrots compared to cucumbers, throwing off the textural ratio. Lastly, the spices in the rice are full of flavor, but there’s something about the flavor that bothered my stomach a bit, so although this may not apply to everyone, I figured I’d mention it.

Overall Score: 6/10

-Jeremy Kogan 

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