Taste of Jamaica

What I ordered: Jerk Chicken Lunch

Price: $8

Right away, I added a bit of the spicy, red sauce to this mix of rice, jerk chicken, beans, carrots, string beans, cabbage, broccoli, red bell pepper and spices. This is no organized meal like a Bento box, but rather it’s a bowl full of textures and flavors, all blending in with one another. Even more, it is plentiful, so even if you have a large appetite, you will be perfectly stuffed upon completion.


What I liked: First of all, this dish exudes a savory, mouth-watering aroma. The shredded chicken is perfectly moist and is paired in good ratio with the amount of rice. In addition, the many shapes and sizes of the chicken pieces along with the variety of vegetables makes each bite unique. The veggies are tasty, in abundance and easily identifiable. The jerk spices give the meal some heat, although not overpowering, and the spice lingers on your tongue, as you would expect from jerk chicken. With plenty of rice, meat, veggies and beans, this meal certainly satisfies and is well worth the price.

taste-of-jamaicaWhat I did not like: Although this meal has many ingredients, I found it to be overall somewhat soft; it could use some kind of crunch factor. In addition, I almost wish the jerk spices and flavors were more powerful. Lastly, because this meal is fully mixed and not compartmentalized, there is not too much involvement on the part of the eater (no scooping, dipping, pouring), which could provide a more active eating experience.

Overall Score: 7/10

-Jeremy Kogan

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