What is The Dish

The Dish is UW-Madison’s food and dining publication run by students and housed within the Wisconsin Union Directorate’s Publications Committee. We are made up of three different sections: Food for Thought, In the Kitchen and No Reservations, as well as a fourth newly-added Blog section. The staff covers restaurant openings, interviews local chefs and encourages readers to broaden their horizons and experience Madison’s unique culinary culture. As a publication, we also produce recipes, review food documentaries and provide coverage of local organizations involved in the field of both local food as well as sustainability efforts. In addition to the 30,000 UW-Madison undergraduates that The Dish caters to, the publication is accessible to the Madison community at large. With over 600 copies printed each semester as well as online circulation, The Dish is UW-Madison’s premier food magazine and has grown as an invaluable resource for the latest in food news.

How Do I Get Involved? Email Editor-in-Chief Meghan Horvath (mahorvath@wisc.edu) and she will put you in contact with the appropriate section editor.


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