Dear Readers,

I’ve grown up in the kitchen and out in the garden, picking vegetables and learning how to cook the amazing food the Earth provides us. My dad was the bestimg_3886-1 culinary teacher I could have asked for- his knowledge of food from both markets and the forest has taught me to be aware of the delicious world around me.

My family and I have traveled all over, to satisfy both a need to explore and a need to fill our bellies with culturally-rich food. From Italy, Scotland, the Caribbean and more, we bring back ideas and flavors to expand on, using local ingredients and worldly spices to create tasteful dishes to share with our family and friends. I’m lucky and grateful to my family for allowing me to visit so many places, and a goal in my life is to cook dishes to share my experiences with people all around me.

I’ve brought this concept with me to college- shopping from the farmer’s market year round and having “family dinners” with friends. But I’m not here to complicate things; with simple ingredients and a good plan we can make food that’s delicious and doable even as a college student.

We all want an adventure, and a good way to start is with what’s on your dinner plate tonight.

Elizabeth Geboy

In the Kitchen Editor