Dear Readers,
Two years ago, moving from Maryland to Wisconsin for college meant trading in blue crabs for cheese curds. Food – and the special way it brings people together – has made Madison my home. Energized by this powerful notion, I set out to understand the way shared meals build community in both our school and our city.
The journey begins in Madison but has no boundaries. There is more to eating than can be held by a fork or encompassed by a hashtag. The Food For Thought section is about looking beyond the plate and exploring food through fresh eyes. Whether you’re passionate about justice and sustainability or intrigued by contemporary trends, we invite you to join us in taking a unique approach to the culinary world.
With The Dish in hand, I hope you learn something new and find original inspiration. My personal favorite way to read The Dish is with a big slice of mac and cheese pizza. After all, the only thing that rivals reading about food is eating food!
Good Eats,

Daniella Byck
Food for Thought Editor