Dear Readers, stern

Food is something I hold very close to my heart, and I’m honored I have an opportunity to share this passion through photography.

Growing up in a big, Italian family, it was never an option to not have an interest in food. I quickly came to understand that food is the main staple in conversation, family gatherings, leisure activities and pretty much any other aspect of daily life. It is truly a substance that holds us all together.

As the photography editor at The Dish, I aim to fulfill your inner foodie-wanderlust by capturing a variety of vibrant, delectable dishes on camera. As you turn each page I strive to have you craving the next image that will leave you craving smells and flavors of each dish.

We invite you along on our mission to discover, taste and share our food experience here in Madison. So please, loosen those belt loops, and get ready to explore with an open mind and an open stomach new restaurants, recipes, and ideas in the greater context of food beyond the boundaries of your plate!

Giovanna Stern

Photography Editor