Hi there Readers!

I’m an avid foodie, wellness junkie, and pro-oxford comma. But if ordering a whole pizza just for yourself is wrong, I don’t want to be right…(see picture as an example). After all, there is no “we” in food!

This year at The Dish, I hope to transport you into the culinary diversity that is Madison. With an extremely wide variety of places – new and old – we are fortunate to live in a city where the precious tradition of eating out will never vanish.

However, we all love tradition. As a result, we sometimes play it safe by eating at our favorite cafés, our cherished restaurants, and topping off some days with a nightcap of our own original Babcock ice cream. But let’s not hold ourselves back from finding our new “favorite” places. Instead, let’s treat ourselves to the constant influx of new places. That is the goal this semester.

Let’s be food explorers together because it’s time to experience the new. In reading The Dish, you will have ample knowledge to go out and fall in love with Madison’s boundless (and sometimes bottomless!) variety – new, old, trendy, and authentic places – that will have one thing in common: great food.

So let’s enjoy life, it’s delicious!

McKenna Splett

No Reservations Editor