The Blog section is a recent addition to The Dish and features everything from crazy food fads and cooking hacks, opinions from international students on the local culinary scene and an undergrad’s journey through the food science major. Laugh, cringe, and ultimately be entertained by the eating experience through relatable stories told by writers passionate about all things food.


4/11/2016 – Em’s Food Journal: A Recipe For Disaster

1/3/2016 – Food Fads with Angela: Five Days of the Paleo Diet

11/28 – Em’s Food Journal: How NOT to Take a Microbio Exam
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10/22 – East Meets West: Meet Louis!
10/15 – Food Fads with Angela: So, I Ate Crickets…Here’s How it Went

9/19 – Em’s Food Journal: Food Science is a Real Thing!